Monthly Support

This monthly one to one provides a dedicated time once a month to discuss movement and emotional needs associated with your cycle, after this I will follow up with a bespoke movement and meditation plan that best supports your needs. 

The cost is £60 and this includes: 

x1 Monthly one to one online

x1 Month Bespoke movement and meditation plan based on your circumstances 

x2 Guided Audio Meditations 

Unlimited email communication with me through-out the month 

Weekly Support

A more traditional one to one set up where we work together on a weekly basis to best support your cycle in a bespoke way. A weekly hour long class where we check in with where you are physically and emotionally and I create classes based on your cycles needs, this includes support through fertility treatment if required. The cost is £30 per class.

Online Program

A dedicated online programme of meditation and asana practice to support your cycle and your fertility.Coming Soon. 

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